Fertility awareness education for your reproductive lifespan.

What if our fertility received the reverence it deserves?

Reverence Fertility exists to embolden generations through fertility awareness education. Our fertility is worthy of attention and care from menarche to menopause.

Through mindful daily observations, fertility awareness charting is a way to engage with our fertility, address reproductive concerns, naturally avoid or plan pregnancy, navigate postpartum and perimenopause, and increase body literacy at every age. If you have a cycle, then you can learn how to chart!

The Reverence Model is to educate, locate our tools, gestate, navigate transitions, and liberate our bodies through self-advocacy and by advocating for others.

Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility looking at a fertility chart with a client.

The Reverence Model

The Reverence Model

Personalized support to know your cycle from your first to last period.

Natural Birth Control

Are you looking for a way to prevent pregnancy without hormones?

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Pregnancy Planning

Are you looking to optimize your fertility and time conception?

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Cyclical Living

Do you want to understand your body and live in sync with your cycle?

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Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility pointing to a fertility chart and smiling

Meet Sara

Sara (she/her) is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator certified by the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. She works virtually from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since 2016, Sara has used fertility awareness based methods to avoid pregnancy, optimize her fertility, time a pregnancy with her partner and navigate postpartum fertility.
She's passionate about supporting others on their own fertility journeys. Read Sara's story.

Before opening her practice as an FAE in 2020 and graduating from Justisse College in 2021, Sara spent over a decade working in communications with organizations that serve young people and their families.


Daily Cycle Planner

Yes, please!

"Sara is fantastic to work with! She genuinely listens to my questions and concerns, and answers them thoroughly. My favorite thing about Sara is that she makes the method work for my body and lifestyle, and if something isn’t working, then she helps me find a solution that will. She is totally non-judgmental. I went to her with so many questions, and she always answered them within 24 hours. I also love the Justisse Method. It can sound confusing and scary at first, but once you start using it, it’s easy to learn, and Sara really helps you navigate the whole process. FAM has given me body literacy that I wish I had learned years ago!"

- Tara, Former Client

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"Sara was lovely to work with! She’s very knowledgeable and takes time to make sure you have the proper understanding and education under your belt. She made me feel very comfortable opening up and helping me understand my body... Look no further, Sara is your girl!"

- Marissa, Former Client

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Looking for a safe app to chart your cycles? Check out Read Your Body! It's the best app in the FAMily, and it keeps getting better.

All clients qualify for a free 3-month trial of the Read Your Body app.

Menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method via the Read Your Body app