Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility

My story begins long before 2016, but that's the year a fertility tracking device entered my life and changed the course of my reproductive journey forever.

At first, it was like waking up to a dream come true. A hormone-free form of pregnancy prevention without side effects was a welcome relief after hormonal contraception.

Fast forward a year, and I was full of questions because my charts didn’t match the ones I saw online. I felt frustrated and fraudulent for not understanding my cycle, and I was worried there might be something wrong with me.

In my state of confusion, I considered resorting back to the pill. I thought maybe if I just lowered my expectations and took some vitamins, then I could deal with its side effects. And while I’m a big fan of our right to access the pill, I truly wanted nothing to do with it.

Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility holding a basal body thermometer and smiling

I wanted to know my body. I wasn’t taught the science of the ovarian cycle or the role of cervical mucus in fertility. I couldn’t tell you the functions of the cervix, or how progesterone promotes bodily harmony.

I had never made a truly informed decision about birth control.

The time was ripe to follow my curiosity and get to know my cycle. Over the next few years, I dived into all things periods and hormones. I started using the symptothermal method of fertility awareness charting for birth control. I enrolled in a 2-year Master's level training at Justisse College International and graduated in October 2021 after completing a rigorous practicum with a wide range of clients.

As my expertise grew, answers to my questions began to emerge. I balanced my hormones, started ovulating consistently, and went on to time conception with my partner. We welcomed our daughter in December 2021.

Working mom as a Fertility Awareness Educator and her daughter at home.

Now, I teach fertility awareness charting to those who want to increase their body literacy. Charting honors the knowledge of many who have gone before us, and it's a skill we can pass on to the next generation.

I celebrate people of all ages and from all backgrounds and beliefs. I try to be anti-racist and inclusive in my work, acknowledging my privilege and the inequities of our society.

You can often find me working at the kitchen table or quietly sneaking away to my desk, where I'm surrounded by books about periods, fertility gizmos and a couple of smooth rocks. I hope to meet you there, virtually.

Yours in reverence,

- Sara B. FAE, HRHP

@reverencefertility on IG

Training & Affiliations

  • Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals, EDI-RJ Committee | 2021-Current
  • Justisse College International, FAE & HRHP program | 2019-2021
  • Carroll University, B.Sc. Graphic Communications | 2004-2008


I believe you’re the expert on you, and you’re the best person to make decisions related to your body and well-being.

We co-create conversations and strategies for desirable outcomes during our work together.
We co-create solutions based on your background, intentions, lifestyle, and needs, and over time, we can adapt them as needed.

Guidance from me is via consent for my counsel. As we navigate topics, I will often pause to ask how much information (if any) you wish to know about a topic before expanding on it. Our exchanges are private and confidential unless your permission to disclose information is explicitly granted for a specific situation.

I was taught a functional approach to supporting whole-body health. I’m committed to continuous learning in the community to weave science, clinical knowledge, and social proof into my work. I acknowledge that traditional wisdom pre-dates my modern sources, belief is powerful, and mysteries still exist.

I aim to meet you where you are. I eagerly welcome ideas and suggestions for improvements as it relates to my teaching style and program fluidity. Our 1:1 sessions can be rescheduled in advance at no cost if needed. Partners, pets and babies are always welcome to join us, too.

I train and evolve to become more inclusive and intersectional in my approach to social justice issues. I use inclusive language most often, though it can vary to reflect the identities of the clients I serve and their preferences.

I like to examine situations from varying perspectives. I refrain from jumping to conclusions, and I’m always open to shifting my mindset in light of new information or evidence.

I do my best to treat every person fairly, with honesty, compassion, dignity, and positive regard.

Acknowledgment of privilege:

I acknowledge my privilege as a white, cis, heteronormative, financially secure, able-bodied person in a body deemed by society as acceptable in size. I examine how my culture informs my life and work.

As a person with a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes, skin, and hair, I aim to be aware of accessibility issues and to partner with disabled folks who are seeking body literacy knowledge.

I offer free consultations and educational content via my blog, monthly newsletter, and sliding-scale education sessions. Services trades, extended payment plans (with no additional fees), and other accommodations are welcome by request. If my services seem right for you, then please don't hesitate to request a modified fee or arrangement.

Please reach out for a referral if you would prefer to connect with an educator whose values, background, or languages better align with your needs.