Reverence Fertility Founder Sara holding the book Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden

Reverence Fertility Reading List

Once upon a time, I had a webpage dedicated to reading resources for fertile health and family planning. Bringing back these titles is long overdue!

Here are just a few of the books I recommend most often.

Cycle charting for preconception planning and trying to conceive

Trimester 0: Preconception Planning with FAM

Thinking about starting a family? There’s a lot of useful (and useless!) information out there. It can be so overwhelming to process that I hate to further saturate the subject with a blog post on the topic, but there's just one thing...

The Reverence Model

The Reverence Model & Values

It's more than just cycle tracking! Introducing the Reverence Model and business values that are at the core of this work.

Experiencing period pain and seeking natural relief

15 Natural Ways to Relieve Period Pain

A friend of mine once shared that her unmedicated labor was easier to bear than her period cramps, because at least she got breaks in-between contractions.

I believe her.

Menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method

Categories of FAM and Popular "Brands"

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) are umbrella terms that cover multiple types of methods used to track fertility...

Fertility awareness educator Sara and a client using a menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method

From Periflow to Reverence Fertility

New name alert! When I think about fertility these days, it’s not just health, flow, and all things “peri” that come to mind.

Fertility awareness method intention scale

The Intention Scale

I’m not a big fan of most scales, but I’ll make one exception. When it comes to gauging pregnancy acceptability...

Person experiencing stress with pillow over head on the bed.

Our Stress Cycle

The whole concept of stress management used to stress me out. Until I understood that stress is a cycle...

Person holding two types of fertility thermometers.

What the Tech?!

From apps and wearables to smart thermometers, the cycle-monitoring market is saturated with devices.

Menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method

10 Reasons To Try FAM For Birth Control (And 5 Reasons Not To).

Using fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy might be a great option for you if...

Person holding out a donut that represents the cervix

Nature's Gate

to Another Dimension

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Stranger Things on Netflix lately, but I can’t stop thinking about how the cervix is like a gateway to another dimension.

Mom feeding baby, taken by Hefferilt Photography

Postpartum Fertility, Lactational Amenorrhea Method & Fertility Awareness Charting

If some of the oldest forms of birth control are brand new to you, you're not alone!