Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility working with a client on fertility charting

All charters and charting intentions are welcome here.

Join me to learn the art, science and skill of fertility awareness charting. We'll meet for six ZOOM sessions, and we'll cover everything you need to know to master your charting technique with the Justisse Method, increase your body literacy, and use your chart to avoid or achieve pregnancy if desired. Your partners, pets, and babies are welcome to join us for sessions, too.

Why the Justisse Method?

Justisse regards the menstrual cycle as a vital sign and emphasizes holistic support based on chart analysis. It can be used as a symptothermal or mucus-only method, and in 2022, clarifications per the latest research enhanced this modern method to place even more emphasis on the individuality of every body.

Justisse is a non-religious organization with secular roots that values reproductive freedom, body literacy and full spectrum support. Knowing your body is essential for making informed decisions in the context of your personal values.

Signs that you're ready for Reverent Cycles:

- You're brand new to using fertility awareness method, but you're excited to go all in!

- You already chart your cycle, but you want to expand your charting skills, increase your confidence and reinforce your knowledge!

- You plan to transition away from using the pill (or other hormonal contraception) to using charting for birth control.

- You want to understand your cycles and live more in sync with your natural self.

- You're experiencing cycle concerns and seeking natural ways to address them.

- You want to prime your cycles for pregnancy.

- You value your health, and you recognize your menstrual cycle as a vital sign worthy of our attention.

- Your intimate partner/s share your charting intentions and are open to furthering their fertility awareness education alongside you.

- When you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself charting and integrating fertility awareness into your everyday life.

- You're thinking about a sister, a daughter, or a friend who will be part of your journey, because you'll be able to share this knowledge with them.

Reverent Cycles 1:1 Sessions

Week 1: Introduction (1.5-2 hours)
• Reproductive anatomy & physiology
• Cervix science

• Menstrual cycle variations
• Biomarkers of fertility
• How to observe mucus and BBT
• How to chart (paper or digital)

Week 3: Session 2 (1 hour)
• Holistic health intake

• Q&A

Week 5: Session 3 (1 hour)
• Chart review
• Gauging fertility intentions and charting for conception or contraception

Weeks 7 and 10: Sessions 4-5 (1 hour)
• Chart review and interpretation

• Learning your basic infertile pattern
• Assessing hormone health
• Addressing cycle concerns
• Optimizing cycles

Week 13: Session 6 (1 hour)
• Chart review and interpretation

• The reproductive lifespan and charting through transitions

• Session 6 celebration
• Feedback (optional)

Additional sessions may be recommended for those with complex cycles.

"Sara’s expertise and passion for women’s health enabled me to increase my body literacy and transition off of hormonal birth control with confidence. I felt seen and heard during our sessions. Sara tailored sessions to meet my individual needs and was always willing to answer questions, give thoughtful suggestions, and cheer me on as I navigated my chart. I wish I learned this method years ago."

- Melanie, Former Client

Invest in Your Fertility*

  • A 3-month, individually-tailored program (6, 1:1 sessions)
  • Printed materials
 (while supplies last)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions and beyond
  • 3 months free access to the Read Your Body app

$630 or 3 monthly payments of $210

*New client bookings are currently offline and will re-open for registration in early 2025.

Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility