The pill isn't your only option.

Fertility awareness charting is an effective method of birth control that’s free of hormones, device optional, and supportive of your long-term fertility intentions. You can know with confidence if you’re fertile or not by observing your bio-markers of fertility, including basal body temperature, cervical mucus, cervical position, as well as other signs and symptoms, too.

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Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility charting her cycle for natural birth contol.


How effective is fertility awareness method for birth control?

Used correctly and consistently, symtothermal fertility awareness methods that rely on real time cycle observations (vs. statistical algorithms and predictions) can be used as effectively as hormonal contraception. Studies on symptothermal methods have indicated perfect-use rates between 97.6 and 99.6%, and typical-use rates between 86.8% and 98.2% (Peragallo Urrutia et al., 2018, Duane et al., 2022). Motivation, partner support, behavior during the fertile phase, and access to professional instruction can impact personal success with any method.

Is there an app I can use to predict my fertile days?

Any fertility awareness based method (FABM) or app that predicts your fertile days is not the most accurate way to track your cycle because fluctuations are common and normal. Only real-time observations can account for fluctuations without compromising effectiveness. I don't recommend relying on app predictions if you are serious about preventing pregnancy, but if you're looking for a charting app to combine with a real-time fertility awareness method, then check out the Read Your Body app.

Can I practice fertility awareness charting while using the pill, patch, ring, IUD, etc.?

Yes! And I highly recommend doing it. It's a great way to build the habit of charting your cycle without fear of pregnancy, which makes the transition less stressful.

Note: Because hormonal contraceptives suppress menstrual cycle functions, your chart will not be useful for monitoring hormone health or identifying fertile days until you come off of hormonal contraception. If you're hesitant to stop using it, then scheduling a free consultation is a great way to share your concerns, ask your questions, and make an informed decision that's best for you.

Can I rely on charting if my cycles are irregular?

Yes, absolutely. Those with irregular cycles can monitor their fertility effectively because the method is based on real-time observations and offers precautions during times of doubt.

My healthcare provider told me that the fertility awareness method won't work. Now what?

Most providers aren't trained as fertility awareness educators and can't offer 1:1 instruction or support in applying FAM for birth control. Because of this, it's safer for them to recommend medicalized forms of contraception.

Sadly, even in healthcare, FAM is often conflated with the rhythm method (or other predictive models), which leads to confusion about what's what.

I've been in many situations with a provider who expressed concern to me because I was using natural forms of birth control. What emboldened me was expanding my education about natural options and putting them to the test in the safest ways possible, which relates back to correct and consistent use of the methods.

FAM isn't for everyone, but only you can decide if it's for you.

"Working with Sara has been incredible. Being on birth control for 7 years, I had a very irregular cycle and rarely menstruated...Sara's coaching on the method was informative, detailed, and clear. She made me feel comfortable and safe so I could speak openly about my situation. She held space for me to ask questions and made sure to get back to me if she couldn't answer right in the moment. Sara walked me through the process of charting step by step and I am leaving feeling confident and empowered about my body."

- Jaclyn, Former Client

Menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method for natural conception