Fertility chart with anatomical model, guide book and pens

Chart Review Sessions for Previous Clients

Previous clients who have completed the Reverent Cycles program (or previously worked with Sara at Periflow) can sign up for a single session and chart review anytime. These are typically one hour sessions, but they may last longer if needed.

Schedule a Chart Review Session

Charting Guidance for New Clients

New clients have a few options for guidance on their charting journey.

To master your charting technique and better understand how to interpret your data according to a specific method called Justisse, learn more about Sara's 1:1 charting program Reverent Cycles.

To meet Sara or ask questions about Reverent Cycles, you can schedule a 15-minute free consultation.

To request an info session on any topic of your choice, please learn more about reproductive education sessions offered by Sara at sliding scale rates.

Information sessions can offer chart reviews for non-clients. This is a great option for anyone who self-taught the Justisse Method, or anyone who charts without a method. If you're using a specific method of fertility awareness (but it's not the Justisse Method), then it's recommended to seek guidance from a FAM Educator who is trained to interpret you chart according to the rules of your method.