Menstrual cycle chart applying Justisse fertility awareness method

10 Reasons To Try FAM For Birth Control (And 5 Reasons Not To).

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Using fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy might be a great option for you if:

1. You’ve set the intention to avoid pregnancy.

2. You understand that correct + consistent FAM use is needed to maximize effectiveness, and you’re all in!

3. You’re committed to working with a FAM Educator to learn the rules for pregnancy prevention. Clarity is key here!

4. Your partner is supportive of practicing FAM with you, or you have full decision-making autonomy regarding your sexual encounters.

5. Hormonal contraception isn’t a desirable or good fit for you.

6. Natural approaches to reproductive care are a cultural, familial, or personal value of yours.

7. You make diet or lifestyle decisions with your health in mind, and FAM aligns with your other choices (like no synthetic hormones, etc.)

8. You’re interested in learning how your ovarian cycle and reproductive hormones function.

9. You experience curiosity whenever you see a menstrual cycle chart or hear people talking about FAM.

10. You have a vision of your life as a FAM charter, and you can picture yourself being satisfied with the method!

Using fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy might NOT be a great option for you if:

1. The timing isn’t right for you to build a FAM practice. Maybe you’re going through a very busy season, experiencing a big life change, or working through trauma related to your reproductive body. Any of these situations could potentially jeopardize your capacity to implement a new practice, or potentially work against your overall wellbeing. Only you can decide if the time is right for you.

2. You want birth control that is not user-dependent; you would prefer not having to think about it.

3. You and your partner/s aren’t on the same page with FAM.

4. The health insights a person can gain from charting don’t appeal to you.*

5. It just doesn’t feel right.

*I think valuing the health insights that come with charting can increase motivation for using FAM as a long-term birth control method. It’s not at all to say that you can’t chart strictly for birth control, but it’s hard to completely separate the two.

If you're curious about FAM and still wondering if it's a good fit for you, or you have questions about it, let's set up a free consultation to chat.

- Sara

This post is intended to support folks in deciding to use fertility awareness method as birth control. It is not medical advice.

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Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility

About the Author

Sara (she/her) is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator serving clients virtually and locally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2016, Sara has used fertility awareness based methods to avoid pregnancy, optimize her fertility, time a pregnancy with her partner and navigate postpartum fertility.