Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility reading the book Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden

Reverence Fertility Reading List

JANUARY 31, 2024

by Sara Beaumont FAE, HRHP | @reverencefertility

Once upon a time, I had a webpage dedicated to reading resources for fertile health and family planning. Bringing back these titles is long overdue!

Below are just a few of the books I've read in each area; these are the ones I recommend most often. There are hundreds more books on my reading wish list... Check back for updates!

Empowering Menstruation

Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods
by Lara Briden ND

Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope

Fertility Awareness Method

Justisse Method Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy: A User's Guide by Geraldine Matus

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler

Cyclical Living

Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You by Maisie Hill

The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Hormone Harmony

Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being by Aviva Romm M.D.

Hormone Repair Manual: Every Woman's Guide to Healthy Hormones After 40
by Lara Briden ND

Cookbooks & Nutrition

Cooking for Hormone Balance: A Proven, Practical Program with Over 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Boost Energy and Mood, Lower Inflammation, Gain Strength, and Restore a Healthy Weight by Magdalena Wszelaki

Real Food for Pregnancy: The Science and Wisdom of Optimal Prenatal Nutrition by Lily Nichols


8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism, and Restore Your Fertility by Dr. Fiona McCulloch

Holistic Healing

My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem

Human Sexuality

Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution by Nona Willis Aronowitz

Reproductive Health/Wellness + Social Justice

Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology by Deirdre Cooper Owens

Radical Reproductive Justice: Foundation, Theory, Practice, Critique by Loretta Ross, Lynn Roberts, Erika Derkas, Whitney Peoples, Pamela Bridgewater Toure and Dorothy Roberts

Who Is Wellness For?: An Examination of Wellness Culture and Who It Leaves Behind by Fariha Roisin

LGBTQ+ Family-building

Queer Conception: The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer and Trans Parents-to-Be by Liam (Kristin) Kali

Traditional Wisdom

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Children's Books

Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder (and illustrated by Tyler Feder)

Menstrupedia Comic: The Friendly Guide To Periods For Girls by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul

What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg (illustrated by Fiona Smyth)

I love hearing about the books others are reading. Find me @reverencefertility on IG to chat about these reads or others!

- Sara Beaumont FAE, HRHP

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Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility

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Sara (she/her) is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator serving clients virtually and locally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2016, Sara has used fertility awareness based methods to avoid pregnancy, optimize her fertility, time a pregnancy with her partner and navigate postpartum fertility.