Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility working with a client on fertility charting

Reverence Fertility

MARCH 30, 2023

When I think about fertility these days, it’s not just health, flow, and all things “peri” that come to mind.

It’s appreciation for the complexities of cycling bodies, and empathy for fertility-related desires and decisions. It’s deep respect for bodily autonomy. Awe for the way in which the menstrual cycle reflects natural orders, surrendor to what I can’t know, and so much more that I can’t yet put into words.

Reverence Fertility takes into account how our society views fertility, particularly the menstrual cycle, and how harnessing the specific practice of fertility awareness charting can deepen cycle reverence individually and collectively. 

It’s about support...

…during times of fertility 

…during times of fertility challenges

…for those who want babies

…for those who don’t want babies

…for anyone with a menstrual cycle

…through reproductive transitions

…during puberty, postpartum, and perimenopause

Reverence Fertility is also about my personal journey to revere my cycle, create a more just world for cycling people, and model both for the next generation. 

Will you join me? 

In reverence,

- Sara

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Fertility Awareness Educator Sara at Reverence Fertility

About the Author

Sara (she/her) is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator serving clients virtually and locally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2016, Sara has used fertility awareness based methods to avoid pregnancy, optimize her fertility, time a pregnancy with her partner and navigate postpartum fertility.